Tell the EU to get tough on Japan's whaling

Almost 270,000 people signed our petition calling on the EU to say ‘no’ to a Free Trade Agreement with Japan unless Japan stops killing whales.

The EU Commission has responded saying that whaling will not even be discussed during the trade talks.

This is unacceptable. The EU Parliament has already demanded stronger action on Japan’s whaling and the EU has a duty to represent the concerns of its citizens. 

What can I do?

Send a tweet or an email to Cecilia Malmström, the EU Commissioner for Trade and the person in charge of the EU's trade negotiations. If you are able, please also consider making a donation to support our whaling work.

Tweet now:

Sending a tweet is a quick and direct way of reaching Ms Malmström.

Here are some suggested tweets:

  • EU has duty to discuss #whaling at Japan trade talks. 270,000 people agree and so do MEPs. @MalmstromEU @Trade_EU
  • Killing whales = killing #oceans @MalmstromEU Get tough on Japan #whaling at trade talks @Trade_EU

Email now:

If you don’t use twitter, you can email her at:

Let her know that you think the EU should raise the issue of whaling in its free trade agreement talks with Japan. Please be polite. Please forward any response you receive to us at

Thank you