Switch your electricity and gas and WDC will receive a donation. Not only will you be helping to protect whales and dolphins, you’ll be helping to protect their environment.

Ecotricity are an energy company unlike any other – they take the money their customers spend on electricity and gas bills and use it to build new sources of renewable energy, such as windmills. People:Power is at the heart of what they do – the more people who join them, the more green energy they can build.

Three BIG reasons to join Ecotricity...

1. Britain's greenest energy company

They do everything they can to minimise their carbon footprint, from the 100% green electricity and frack-free green gas they supply, to the running of their offices.

2. Best customer service

No automated call waiting, just friendly people who pick up the phone and treat you like a real person.

3. Ethical pricing

All Ecotricity customers are always on the latest best price, no matter when they joined and regardless of how they pay: one for all and all for one. What’s more, there are no exit fees or penalties either. 

Ecotricity will donate up to £60 to WDC when you switch.*

Switch today - it couldn’t be easier and takes less than five minutes.  Call us on 08000 302 302 or visit  Remember to quote WDC1 when you switch.

Jacob Windsor, Partnerships Manager, said: “We’ve been proudly supporting the WDC for almost a decade now, and our sign up incentive is one of the most successful ways we’ve been able to do that.

“It’s simple – we’ll donate up to £60 to WDC when you switch to Ecotricity – and it’s a great way to green up the grid and green up British politics at the same time. 

“The more people that join us, the more green energy we can build, and the more we can support a party whose belief in a sustainable and equal society accords with our own.”