Southern Resident orcas
Southern Resident orcas need wild salmon

Stay Safe

We want to make sure that all our Gamers for Orcas have a great time and stay safe. So please take a moment to read a few bits of safety advice
  • If you are feeling ill or have been ill in the days leading up to the event please postpone to another day. Even if friends are joining, you have already stocked the fridge and people have pledged donations, staying safe is more important.
  • Take regular breaks to eat and drink – or to take a nap! And start up again only when you are ready.
  • We won’t lie; you might need a coffee or two but be careful relying on caffeinated drinks to get you through. If you start to feel jittery, it is time to put that can of energy drink down!
  • Move around! Make sure everyone gets up from the chair to stretch and get the circulation going. If you are doing forfeits maybe one could be an eighties work-out video – with sweat band, leg warmers and all?
  • If you in anyway are getting dizzy or woozy or just not feeling quite right, stop the marathon. You can always finish it another day.
  • After the event best catch up on some snoozing, and avoid things like driving a car until you have had some sleep.