Recycle your ink cartridges

Help save whales and dolphins by recycling ink cartridges.

We are working with The Recycling Factory to encourage people to recycle their old printer cartridges and raise money for WDC.   

It’s so easy to take part and recycle your inkjet cartridges. Just download a Freepost label here, print it, affix to your own packaging and drop it in a post box.

Did you know that:

  • There are 1.1 billion inkjet cartridges used around the world every year.  If these were stacked end-to-end, this would cover the same distance from our UK office to our office in Buenos Aries, Argentina and back.
  • Since 2010, WDC has received over £5,000 from supporters like you recycling these items.   Every cartridge thrown away could help us work to keep the commercial whaling ban in place.

Recycling ink cartridges from abroad

We can now recycle used ink cartridges from a number of countries to raise funds for whales and dolphins.  If you would like to take part, download this label and follow the instructions. 

Recycling at work

The Recycling Factory have now made recycling at work easier.  Collect printer toners (no donation will be made to WDC for these) or ink cartridges in a box.  And once it is full, it will still be collected by a courier for free and WDC will receive a donation for the items.  Remember you need to set up an account at or 0800 091 0696 and you will be able to download all labels and instructions.  

For more information on our recycling scheme contact us via or call 01249 449500.