Japan seeks removal of Greenpeace from IWC

Canberra, Jan 19 AAP - Greenpeace today said it would fight a bid by Japan to expel it from attending International Whaling Commission meetings as an observer.

In a statement today Greenpeace Oceans campaigner Denise Boyd said a closed meeting today and tomorrow at the UK headquarters of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) was expected to consider a proposal by Japan for Greenpeace to be barred from future IWC meetings.

Greenpeace demands that the IWC rejects the Japanese government's proposal, Ms Boyd said.

Japanese Antarctic Whaling - 'full steam ahead'

Japan this year, has missed half of its scientific whaling season due to a fire on the fleets main ship. However officials havent ruled out catching their full quota of 440 minke whales.

According to an article in the Jan. 16 edition of New Scientist Magazine, critics say this hurry-up whaling practice may blow arguments used to justify the program out of the water.

Keiko Update from Iceland

Keiko weathers the storm

The Westman Islands' most famous resident, the killer whale Keiko, hardly felt the storm last weekend. Keiko's pen in Klettsvk cove is fairly sheltered from northerly winds and despite horrific conditions in town (average wind strength of force 12), the people on the pen were in relatively calm conditions.

Dolphin Death in Bahrain

One of the three dolphins that arrived at the new Dolphin Park in Bahrain in December has died after swallowing a piece of wire. It is thought that the wire fell into the dolphins pool during maintenance work at the park.

Euro-MPs call for delay in driftnet compensation

The European Parliament's Fisheries Committee has called for a delay in the implementing measures to compensate fishermen and boat owners who need to give up using driftnets. The Euro-MPs agreed, on Nov 25, a report drafted by French MEP Dominique Souchet who said measures should be held back until the European Court of Justice ruled on an appeal lodged by producer organisations against the EU's drift-net ban, under the consultation procedure.

Global warming tipping the balance?

Global warming could disrupt the ability of a large portion of the world's oceans to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, setting off a vicious cycle in which the earth gets even hotter, researchers said on Thursday.

Evidence from a new study indicates that some conditions scientists think will occur with global warming may promote the growth of algae in the Southern Ocean that do not absorb carbon dioxide as well as others.

Nisshin Maru back on course for whale hunt

The repaired 7,575-ton Nisshin Maru, which caught fire on the high seas 1,000 kilometers east of Australia last November, has been reported as sailing from Japan for its hunting grounds in Antarctica.

The vessel, will join its catcher vessels, already deployed, in an attempt to maintain the flow of minke whale meat into Japan. The ongoing 'scientific research whaling' has been consistently condemned by the international community and the majority of the members of the International Whaling Commission.

Gray Whale Migration Delayed

Far fewer gray whales have migrated to their winter breeding grounds in Mexico so far this year, and environmentalists there are pointing to an ocean habitat harmed by global warming as the culprit.

Several U.S. scientists, however, while agreeing that the migration appears to be late, are more sanguine about the causes and consequences.

Roughly one-third of the whales normally seen by now had appeared off the coast of Baja California as of last week, according to a press release by the environmental organization Grupo de los Cien (Group of One Hundred).

Whale calf dies on Spanish shore

CHIPIONA, Spain. A newborn whale that was apparently separated from its mother during a storm washed up on a beach in southern Spain and died, despite ecologists' efforts to save it.

The 3-ton, 20-foot-long baby finback, one of the planet's largest whale species, turned up Sunday on a beach in this Mediterranean town.

Members of a local ecological group struggled for more than three hours to drag the creature back into the water, but strong waves pushed the whale calf ashore again and it sadly died.


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