Gamers for Orcas Challenge

Make the most of your Gamers for Orcas page

Thank you for setting up - or wanting to set up - a Gamers for Orcas Challenge page! Here are some tips on making the most of it.

We are using GivePenny for the Gamers for Orcas Challenge, and when you sign up you can create your page in one go!

  • When you set up your page, a template is created to make it easy, but please do personalise it to suit you! 
  • In the 'advanced' setting you can click and drag items in and out of your page to really make it yours.
  • You can add your Twitch channel straight to your page, so people can watch and donate to you during your event. 
  • You don't have to have a Twitch channel or do a live-stream.
  • Any money you raise will come to us automatically.
  • You can use 'milestones' to set yourself goals in the game (or outside it!) and friends and family can pledge donations against them.

Here are some other things to consider when creating your page:

Setting a target

Setting a target can really make a difference. Your page will have a suggested target, but maybe you are aiming for more! And don't forget there is no minimum - every penny counts and will help us protect orcas worldwide. JustGiving pages with a target raise up to 46% more, and at Virgin London Marathon 2015 pages with targets raised £500 more than pages without on Virgin Money Giving! Start with what you feel is an ambitious but realistic target - remember you can always change it later.

Adding photos and videos

A picture can bring your story to life and help make the page personal. You might want to add a video if you have the time as well – why not do a short video on what you are planning and why you are doing Gamers for Orcas? Pictures and videos can make the page stand out on social media and make people more likely to click on your post. According to Justgiving, fundraisers who add a photo tend to raise 15% more!

Telling your story

If you are inspired to raise money for WDC then let your friends, family and wider network know exactly why – they will be much more motivated to give if they understand why you’re fundraising and what it means to you.  Also remember to include a little about what you are doing. You are really challenging yourself so let people know how much effort you are making.

If you are interested in a particular campaign then let us know, and we can provide you with information for your page on how the money will help.

Keeping at it

Telling your close friends and family is a good way to get a few donations on your page before sharing it with your wider network. Sponsors are more likely to match donations if there are some on your page already. Also remember that people might not get around to donate the first time around, so do send reminders both on email and social media. If you can combine your reminder with an update on how you are doing, even better. Most donations will come in as you are approaching your marathon and during it - hopefully giving you lots of encouragement when it gets tough!

All the best of luck!