From commodity to co-habiter

How can human societies move from a position of seeing whales and dolphins as a resource, through to protecting species and populations and then on to protecting the rights of individual whales and dolphins?

WDC is leading a major campaign, supported by some leading scientists and philosophers, to have the rights of whales and dolphins recognised. This is not something we have taken on lightly, but we believe the scientific evidence for whale and dolphin rights is now overwhelming.

WDC has reached this position by examining the compelling and overwhelming science which we believe shows that whales and dolphins should no longer be treated as a resource or a commodity and instead should be considered as cohabiters on our planet.

Each individual is important to the whole community. So, as individuals, don’t they have a right to a life free from cruel commercial hunting and a right not to be placed in small pools for our entertainment? We think so and now we have the scientific evidence to support these arguments.