If it's time to scrap your car - why not turn it into cash for WDC?

We're working with Giveacar, the UK's largest scrap car and vehicle donation service to make it easy for you.

All you need to do is go to the Giveacar website or call 0207 736 4242 and they will do the rest.  Depending on the vehicle, Giveacar will either:

  1. dispose of your car and donate the value of the scrap metal to WDC; or
  2. auction it and donate the sale price to WDC.

Giveacar will collect your vehicle for FREE from anywhere in the UK and they will take cars, vans, motorbikes and lorries.  Turn your car into cash for whales and dolphins today!

Giveacar is a not-for-profit social enterprise that raises money for charity by accepting donations of old cars.  Launched in January 2010, it gives car owners a simple way to get rid of their unwanted cars and put them to good use, raising money for their favourite charities.  To date, Giveacar has raised over ¬£2.5m for many charities.