Gamers for Orcas FAQ

Your questions answered about Gamers for Orcas.

I want to join The Gamers for Orcas Challenge, what do I do?

Great news, we’d love to welcome you to Gamers for Orcas! To sign up go to our GivePenny event page and click ‘join this event’ to set up your fundraising page. It’s easy, and we’ll then be in touch with everything you need and don’t forget: all our fundraisers will receive a fab Gamers for Orcas t-shirt.

What do I do with my fundraising page?

If you want you can add your Twitch channel straight to your page; that way people can tune into your marathon and donate at the same time! All donations will go straight to WDC and GivePenny doesn’t take a fee. Personalising your page will really help so have a look here for tips on making the most of your page.

I don’t have a Twitch channel?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to broadcast your gaming marathon at all, but if you’d like to live-stream from your marathon, why not open your own Twitch channel? It’s still good to update your page with photos and maybe even a short video during your marathon if you can, so your sponsors can see how you are doing. If you want to use other platforms for fundraising or streaming, pop an email to gamersfororcas@whales.org

What do I do on my marathon day?

You can play any game you like for as long as you like, but you might also want to include other activities to keep you going. Invite friends to join you, even if just for part of your event, or you might also want to do forfeits to help the donations coming in.

I can’t make the Gamers for Orcas weekend?

If you are busy on 9 -10 June it’s not a problem, you can do your marathon any time that suits you! We’d still want to cheer you on, so sign up as soon as you know your date even if it is a while away.

Is there an age limit?

We welcome gamers of all ages, but if you are under 16 we recommend to start out with a mini-marathon of max 12 hours. Please also let your parents or guardian know so that they can support you.

How long do I have to play for?

It’s up to you! If you are not sure you can make the full 24 hour marathon, mtry aybe a mini-marathon of 6 or 12 hours? Game for as long as you like or can (but to stay safe please stick to max 24 hours).

Are there any rules?

Not really but we have written some guidelines that hopefully will be helpful. We ask that you think about your audience and time of day and if needed moderate adult content. We also urge you not to play any game in a way that displays violence against or killing of whales and dolphins.

I have another question?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with the Gamers for Orcas team at gamersfororcas@whales.org