Orca breaching
Orca breaching

Fundraising for G4O

The money raised by our fantastic Gamers for Orcas fundraisers will help WDC protect whales and dolphins and the environment they live in - your help will make a big difference!

Your fundraising page

First things first, when you sign up to the Gamers for Orcas Challenge, you’ll automatically create a GivePenny fundraising page, all done in one go! Have a look at what you can do make the most your page here; personalising your page will really help those donations coming in. While you might get most of your donations during your marathon it is never too early to start! Give people a heads up and you’ll find that some are happy to donate before you get started.

Social media
We want you to let the world know what an amazing things you are doing for orcas and other whales and dolphins. We’ll send you a promotional pack and you will also have our logo if you need it.

Use milestones
On your fundraising page you have the option of adding milestones, which can make your day a little more competitive and might just tempt friends to pledge a donation. How do they work? You decide on a goal in your game (or any activity in the game or otherwise) and people can pledge donations against it, only if you reach it will the donations come through!

Take requests
If you are doing the full 24-hour marathon you might want to plan some other activities. Doing forfeits, taking requests or taking on challenges suggested by the people who donate can give you a much deserved break and also liven things up (maybe a little bit on your expense). You can do forfeits for a certain donation or maybe save a big one for reaching your target!

Give away prizes or shout-outs
If you know anyone who might donate you a prize this can be a good incentive for people to donate, and if you are able to interact with and thank the people who are donating to you during your marathon, it will hopefully make all the tiredness worth it.

Host a games night
…or another event. It doesn’t all have to be about your marathon, so why not host a board game tournament or evening for friends? Or even do a more traditional event, like a cake sale (how about a Mario Bros Mushroom cake or Pacman cupcakes?).

Sponsorship form
Do you need a sponsorship form for anyone you don’t email or contact via social media? You can find one to download below.

Have another idea or need help? Email us at gamersfororcas@whales.org

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