Air China aircraft
Air China aircraft

Tell airlines to stop transporting dolphins to marine parks

Dolphins captured during the brutal drive hunts in Japan are being flown out to marine parks around the world by commercial airlines.

While most dolphins are killed during the hunts, a select few are chosen and removed alive - to face a life of confinement in captivity. The journey is stressful and those that do make it live out the rest of their short lives in small tanks, performing tricks for our 'entertainment'.

The money from the sale of these dolphins to aquaria and theme parks goes into the pockets of the fishermen and helps keep the brutal hunts going.

Drive hunts infographic

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We have to stop airlines transporting live dolphins from these hunts.

ACT NOW - nearly 70,000 of you already have! Sign the petition.

We've written to over 300 airlines asking them to confirm that they will never transport dolphins. So far these airlines have responded supporting our campaign:

Airlines not transporting dolphins

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Drive Hunts (generic)

Dear Air China
Every year, in Taiji, Japan, thousands of dolphins and small whales are slaughtered for meat or kept alive for sale to aquaria across the globe. The demand for live dolphins from the aquarium industry serves as an economic stimulus for the hunts to continue as live animals are worth a great deal more money than those slaughtered. Shipments of these animals to international destinations are undertaken by air and it is our understanding that your airline has carried live dolphins captured in these cruel drive hunts. We therefore call on you to refuse to carry any further live dolphins captured in the wild, and especially those captured in drive hunts, and develop a policy against such practices.

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