A Field Trip

I am not sure if you ever get used to riding your bike down the road next to donkeys, cows and chickens; having flying fish zoom by while looking for whales; or saying hello to everyone you pass – but I hope not! And that is what life is like on Salt Cay, so very special.

Dolphins rescuing humans

The BBC have a wonderful programme in its Natural World series on dolphins rescuing humans, but its only available on their I-player for a few days more. If you get a chance, watch it, - its quite amazing.

The online battle for hearts and minds

So if you saw my last post, hopefully you went to YouTube and watched our new campaign video focused on the UK government doing a u-turn on protecting the Moray Firth dolphins. Right now, I'm the one "looking after" our presence on the YouTube site, and I have to tell you, it's a happening place - but not necessarily for all the reasons you might think.

A Life On The Ocean Wave....

Hi Everyone,

WOW!, did we have a storm at Chanonry Point yesterday or what? I was down there with the BBC looking at doing some filming but the wind was blowing at hurricane force and we could only get out the car for about two minutes. The sea was boiling and the salt spray was going everywhere - it was incredible.

Exciting news

We have had a little break in the weather and were able to go out whale watching two days in a row, February 4th and 5th. Both days we saw a pod of dolphins and a mother and calf humpback pair.

Recycle your Moby!

Recycle your Moby!

Did you know there are about 90 million unwanted mobile phones in the UK, lying around in drawers and cupboards? They contain lots of harmful substances which if just thrown away will cause damage to the environment.

The great news is that these old phones can help WDCS to save whales and dolphins!


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