Toxic message getting home

Several years ago WDCS raised concerns about the issue of suspiciously high levels of Mercury and other contaminants in whale and dolphin meat products available in Japan. However, Japanese officials seemed committed to ensuring that nothing would disrupt their zealotry in trying to get commercial whaling endorsed; for some not even the safety of their own people seems to have been an issue.

Education along with Research

In earlier blogs, I have tried to acknowledge all the people and organizations who have provided support to our project. What I have learned is the phrase, "it takes a village" doesn't just apply to raising children - it apply to every aspect of living within a community, especially on an island.

Whales, Whales, Whales and some coral

On Saturday morning (February 16th) Vale and I participated in a TCI Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) reef restoration project on Grand Turk. We, along with 26 other volunteers, helped to transplant stressed coral to two new artificial reefs. It was a great experience; feeling part of a community giving back and working to protect the sea and it's inhabitants.

Wait A Minute Mr Postman....

Hi Everybody,

Can I please beg of you to make sure that you have returned your filled in POD (Protect Our Dolphins) card, if you have one to us at WDCS by the 7th of March. We will then deliver it to Malcolm Wicks along with the thousands of others plus the petitions to show that we do NOT want Oil & Gas exploration where our lovely dolphins live in the Moray Firth.

Rowdy groups

We have begun seeing some rowdy group behavior. Vale has witnessed rowdy behavior on two different occasions now, where as I have only seen it on one trip. Rowdy groups consist of males trying to get next to the female in hopes of being the male that she chooses to mate with. How does she choose?

Go Nigel!

It's an incredibly busy time in the fundraising team at WDCS.  As you'll have read we are full steam ahead in our campaign to protect the very special dolphins of the Moray Firth from the proposed oil and gas developments in their home.


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