How decisions are made by Governments

I write this travelling on a train back from London. In fact, I am travelling home to the South West of the UK via a circuitous route round some delightful southern stations and train lines because, believe it or not, the rail company that services Chippenham (where WDCS UK is based) charges over one hundred pounds to travel the 100 odd miles into London and the 100 miles back.

The old whaling stories come around again

It would seem that the Solomon Islands have said that they don't wish to support whaling any more, - and by the way Japan, we don't want your money for supporting whaling anymore either

Japan comes out with it's usual denials, but the corruption at the root of whaling will simply not be hidden.

Grey, Grey Go Away.....

Hi Everyone,

Yet another day of howling gales and sleety rain up here in Inverness. This weather makes looking for dolphins really difficult and also very uncomfortable. Oh how I look forward to the sunny days when the air is warm and the sea is seemingly full of dolphins leaping about after fish and chasing each other, like big Munchies in the photo here. Happy Days.

Here we go again

In a few days time, the member countries of the IWC will be meeting just outside London in the UK to discuss the future of the IWC.

Spring is Sprung....

Hi Everyone,

Travelling along to the WDCS Wildlife Centre on Thursday, I spotted my first wee lamb this year, happy and content lying beside Mum.

Dolphins are not trees

Now I might be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes but I always thought that if you were setting out to protect dolphins you should always remember that they are not trees.

Toxic message getting home

Several years ago WDCS raised concerns about the issue of suspiciously high levels of Mercury and other contaminants in whale and dolphin meat products available in Japan. However, Japanese officials seemed committed to ensuring that nothing would disrupt their zealotry in trying to get commercial whaling endorsed; for some not even the safety of their own people seems to have been an issue.

Education along with Research

In earlier blogs, I have tried to acknowledge all the people and organizations who have provided support to our project. What I have learned is the phrase, "it takes a village" doesn't just apply to raising children - it apply to every aspect of living within a community, especially on an island.


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