Sightings Update....

It was a grey and blustery day at Chanonry Point but the dolphins were nice and active. This photo is of Sundance being jumped over by Squat Fin, the two of them were really having fun today.

Dolphins, the BBC and magnets

I have just had the privilege of visiting the WDCS Wildlife Centres in Scotland, a journey that I am distracted from making all too often because I can find a million other issues arriving at my office door to secure me firmly at my desk.

The Longest Day...

I have EVER spent at Chanonry Point was yesterday, helping out with the filming of Springwatch which was transmitting live from my "office". I was round at Chanonry really early and spent a few hours with Simon King and the two cameramen doing some pre-recorded stuff.

Dinner Time...

Hi Everyone,

Today at Chanonry Point Nevis really took the prize for the biggest fish caught so was HUGE !


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