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We Have Dolphins !

Hi Everyone,

After days and days with seeing very little in the way of dolphins, today I was nearly taken by surprise as Kesslet and her baby came ambling past Chanonry through the fog...

 photo KampC.jpg

and Charlie, her 7 year old son was with them too - difficult to get them all in the same shot so I took this one of Charlie coming quite close to the beach.

That Was A ‘Sealy’ Good Holiday...

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the really rubbish title...well, that's me back to work after a two week break. We didn't go anywhere exotic but did manage to get up North for a couple of days to see how the Atlantic Grey seals are doing giving birth to their fluffy white pups. We managed to see some fairly close up without disturbing them, but where the bigger colony was situated, unfortunately, was impossible to get to due to a rock-fall.

On My ’Summer Holidays’

Hi Folks,

Well, that's my main dolphin season over for another year so it's time for a wee break but don't worry - I'll be back soon and I'll tell you if I was able to see any other nice wildlife. Mind you - I am spoiled where I am - very few things equal this sort of sight in my book...

 photo SplashyDolphins.jpg

Best Wishes,


Wear A Bigger Jacket...

Hi Everyone,

It is getting very windy, grey and cold up here in the Moray Firth and the light levels during the day are really dropping. Sightings of our dolphins round about Kessock and Chanonry are getting less and less but a little patience can be rewarded. Go equipped with a pair of binoculars, warm layers of clothing and a really big jacket to places like Spey Bay, Chanonry Point and the Kessock Channel and keep watching as winter fish like sprats and herring are starting to arrive which can tempt dolphins to travel around the coast looking for snacks.

The Calm After The Storm...

Hi Everyone,

Well, that was some wild weather we have just had, floods, gales, huge surges in tides...thankfully all calm again and good for observing the sea. Sadly not much with a dorsal fin being seen in my area over the last few days but I did have around ten dolphins wander past Chanonry late last week with Kesslet and new baby coming fairly close to the Point as you can see in the photo below.

Mums The Word...Again !

Hi Everyone,

More new baby news from the Moray Firth... The Kessock Channel this time and our lovely Kesslet has given birth to a brand new little bundle of joy in the last few days !


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