Please support proposal to list Lolita as ‘endangered’ by March 28th

Lolita, the lone female orca held in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium in Florida, may have a chance to step closer to freedom but needs your support this week - the deadline is Friday, March 28th.

Following a petition, which WDC supported, to include Lolita as a protected member of the endangered southern resident orca population, with the aim of extending to her the protected status afforded to members of Lolita's family in the wild, the US government is now inviting comments on the proposal to end Lolita's exclusion, as a captive member of her population, from the endangered listing. Lolita is the sole survivor of wild orca captures in Washington State waters in the 1960s and 70s. The wild population's endangered status is actually a partial result of these captures.

Anyone can comment to support Lolita's inclusion in her wild population's endangered listing. It is hoped that a successful listing will encourage the Miami Seaquarium to allow Lolita to leave the tank where she is currently held and travel home to Washington State waters, where a carefully devised retirement plan offers her a better future. The alternative is for her to die in captivity.


To support Lolita you need to add your comment on the page at this web address:!documentDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2013-0056-1841

You can also help our efforts by adopting an orca. Thank you.


Let her Free!!!

Please Free them all !

Lolita belongs to wild ocean. she should not used for human leisure or money business.. let her go back to its natural home.

have a heart.. its time these animals were all returned to their families and be free again, i think we have all seen whales and can learn from the internet or pictures.. there is no need for whales to be jumping in pens for entertainment.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. LET THEM GO FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

free the dolphin and do the right thing

It's an orca, not a dolphin! ;)

Orcas are dolphins..

Its a killer Whale not a dolphin

Killer whales are actually the largest members of the dolphin family, technically they are not whales. These beautiful intelligent mammals deserve better than being trapped in such small confinements. I support every effort for Lolita to get out of that tiny pool and put her at least in a Sea pen so she can have a feel of her natural ocean environment. Little by little they can find her family. If she is ready, then she can be released to the ocean, it will take time.

Orcas are dolphins ... silly :-)

How aweful! To spend your life shut away in solitary confinement? What was her crime? How cruel.

Please allow Lolita to feel the freedom of the ocean again possibly find her family. She has suffered enough. Free Lolita


please set this beautiful Orca free. She deserves a better live.

Any decent human being with a heart after watching "Blackfish" about the captivity of these beautiful huge creatures would beg for these whales to be set free and out of these jail cells!!

Set Lolita free, she deserves to be free <3

She deserves freedom!

Not freeing this animal makes a case for not having them imprisoned at water parks at all - free her now. Stop the Japanese from killing whales and selling wild Dolphins to water parks.

She is a "non-human" person! She has earned, living as your slave during captivity, her keep and her right to be free!!!

Do the right thing and let her go

This animal should be set free immediately. It does not belong in a prison not fit for goldfish let alone an orca. The point is this animal is a highly social and intelligent animal that has been ripped from its family and condemned to live in a bath tub and perform for its food. This practice does not belong in our societies anymore and only creates trauma and distress to this animal. Orcas and dolphins are a precious specie who are endangered and should be protected as such. Please let's make this happen.

I certainly will never bring any of my children to any place that has wild animals for entertainment and discourage anyone from going to any place that does. We know they are stressed, depressed, prone to illness, as they are social creatures not meant to swim circles in a kiddie pool. Please free her and let her live out her days in a better place.

i do not think we found them in tanks but in the wild where thay have been here many years before us. why is it if a whale attacks a human will kill it yet when a human attacks a whale and catches it, its defined as ok. what are we teaching future children.
i think this whale should be set free in a safe environment and watched to make sure that is can survive since you have taken it out of its natural world. a pod should be found where lolita might have a chance.

Please let Lolita return to the ocean. These precious animals are NOT ours to use for human entertainment or financial gain. All these precious animals should be returned to the Ocean.

Somebody condense that website! And let Lolita go!

Time to end this show

Please, allow Lolita to retire and have a chance of going back home with her family! She deserves it!

I'm glad for this proposal. Please let her go home! Thank you

Please allow Lolita to retire and have a chance of being rejoining her family pod, she has been prisoned for too long as she is part of the southern resident Orcas and endangered you must do the right thing, Retire Lolita Please.


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