Really Wild Weather...

It a real tempest out there in the waters of the Moray Firth today. People often ask "What do dolphins do in bad weather?" and the simple answer is...they just dive down a few feet and all is relatively serene and calm compared to what its like at the surface. In fact dolphins will often actively "surf" the way that we humans do - except that dolphins are the true masters of their environment, like Adopt a Dolphin "Mischief" and his buddy "Denoozydenzy" here in the Cromarty Firth and can handle just about anything. Find out more about dolphins and other cetacean species HERE

Everybody's Gone Surfin'... Mischief & Denoozydenzy in rough water


trust my mischief to show the way have fun my friend take care charlie

Cheers Roy - very best wishes from a wild Inverness !