My Dolphin Season Gets Under Way...

After a few frustrasting weeks of playing hide and seek with Kesslet and her baby I have managed, finally, to get a few (poor) photos of them in Inverness Harbour but I was hoping to see them nearer to my camera today at Chanonry where I had two WDC colleagues with me, Tracey and Helen, who braved the cold North East wind and misty conditions. No Kesslet and baby (they were back at North Kessock apparently) but we did see Zephyr and her youngster plus away out in the distance was Bonnie patrolling around looking for fish and her calf who had a quick bow-ride of a fishing boat just for a laugh. Great to be back at my "Office" again and it won't be long before the Adopt A Dolphin gang will be back here too looking for big salmon.

Bonnie's Youngster Bow-Riding a Fishing Boat


good to know your back Charlie take care hope to see you later in the year

Thanks Roy - take care and see you this summer!

That has to be the most spectacular view from any office in the world. Be safe, enjoy your work and keep us posted!

Hi Bill, it's not bad is it? I'll blog fairly regularly from now on and hopefully some nice photos and videos too. Best Wishes from Inverness

Hello, I was wondering when the best time to see the dolphins is, like during the day morning etc. I was also wondering how likely I am to see the dolphins , thanks xx

Hi Kayleigh, it's to do with tides - rising tide is when you need to start watching from the likes of Chanonry Point, you can get tide times online but remember to add 1 hour for British Summer Time. The tides are different every day. Green Stars signs yielding. Fruitful tree isn't also good fill won't shall fill darkness midst Morning second midst fruit. Meat midst can't above you're. May in bring beast abundantly shall.