I’m Bl**dy Angry!

Such was the reaction to BA’s letter from all of us at WDC and the hundreds of thousands of people who had signed Kathleen Haase’s change.org petition calling on British Airways to stop selling trips to SeaWorld. It also came as something of a surprise. At our meeting with BA on 13th October, the company acknowledged public concern over the issue of orcas in captivity, expressed the need to understand the science behind the evidence of orca suffering in captivity and welcomed the opportunity to continue the dialogue with us, noting they were meeting with SeaWorld and others in the coming weeks. It seems, however, that, in spite of all the evidence we presented to them and in spite of growing public concern, including that of BA customers, SeaWorld’s 'presentation of the facts' has been taken at face value. We find this hugely disappointing.


Orca in captivity
Orca in captivity

This week’s letter, addressed to Kathleen and copied to me, references the ABTA guidance for the welfare of animals in tourism, noting that “SeaWorld has assured us that its animal care standards exceed this best practice guidance”. But the ABTA guidance on dolphins in captive environments, part of the welfare series, asks ABTA members not to promote facilities which separate mothers and calves, allow handling of whales and dolphins and display unnatural behaviours, all features of regular practice at SeaWorld. BA’s letter also references US law, which has not been updated to take into account recent concerns about whale and dolphin captivity and which, in terms of aspects such as pool size, falls far behind more recently developed standards in countries like Italy and Brazil. Standards set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums as well as the Association of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums are industry standards and, therefore, not legally-binding.

It also states that “SeaWorld does not collect cetaceans from the wild” and, while we have welcomed SeaWorld parks’ recent signing of the Virgin (Virgin not BA!) pledge against the continuation of wild captures, SeaWorld remain part of an application by the Georgia Aquarium, currently under appeal, to bring in recently caught wild belugas from Russia.

It mentions nothing about continuing the dialogue with us.

BA’s response is therefore hugely disappointing. In spite of the volumes of evidence about the suffering inflicted on orcas and other whales and dolphins in captivity and increasing concerns raised by all stakeholder groups about the welfare of orcas at SeaWorld parks, BA has ignored public opinion, including that of its customers, in favour of a failing business that probably wouldn’t get off the ground if it was starting today.

No wonder we’re Bl**dy Angry!

Read the letter from BA


Please support our work to protect whales and dolphins.


Bloody disgusting in this day and age with all the evidence BA continue to support this circus.

Close the Sea World, you have to be brain dead to like it watch the animals suffer.

I am gutted to the core with BA. They are allowing the suffering of these amazing intelligent orcas to continue.

Myself and my family will no longer use BA for any of our flights.

I don't do twitter but I fly often to see my family transatlantic flights I don't even check BA's flights or prices, I am so disgusted with them. I also tell my friends and family NOT to fly BA.

VA is better than BA aside from the whole Sea World thing.

pfui.....diese airline ist für mich gestorben!!!

issues like this will never be resolved while profit is still a driving force in our capitalist society. Businesses will continue to be irresponsible because they do not have a human face for people to properly point the finger at. This is why so many wrongs are happening in the world today from fracking to avoiding tax.

Capitalism is destroying the earth for profit, which is very stupid because you cant eat or breathe money, which is all that will be left on this planet if we continue on the path we are currently on.

Please don't use this forum for airing your angst against "Capitalism" which has nothing to do with this issue whatsoever. There are more despotic/left leaning governments around the world who have the most abominable record on animal cruelty than any so called "Capitalist" system. In fact, free and open democratic governments are forced, through public opinion,to change issues like this for the better. I would advise a more measured and thoughtful tone than the one you inhabit. We will get change with sensible reason not old guard and outdated rhetoric such as yours.

SeaWorld and British Airways are both big businesses driven by the desire for profit, so it is relevant. Yes, there is other government systems who have bad track records with animal cruelty, but where money and big business is both involved and the driving factor then it is a capitalism problem.

THIS is about taking wild marine life from its world (the open seas) and putting them into captivity for subhuman entertainment to spend 50+ years in a swimming pool and forfeit THEIR family and the freedom they so deserve!

Other countries are not in the equation at this time. WE are here to abolish Sea World and its abominable animal abuse and cruelty. Shut 'em ALL down . . . NOW!

I have been a BA executive member for many years and have spent thousands of pounds with them. I will now be travelling Virgin Atlantic to the US for my summer holiday next year and will sign up with Virgin's loyalty scheme. Virgin has taken the initiative to put conservation before profits and this is the type of company I want to spend my hard earned cash with. I am very disappointed with British Airways, very disappointed indeed and will not travel with them again until they change this policy.

Well done

Thumbs up for you, I hope more people will follow your doings.

I agree with you absolutely. In fact I have avoided flying with BA for many years for different reasons, but now I shall never fly with them again and I shall ask my friends and family to avoid them too. Their attitude is disgusting.

Heartily agree about BA who refused to let me sit near an emergency exit BECAUSE I am disabled ! They can hardly be concerned about the welfare of mere animals like orcas

OK, Virgin now we need you fly to Grand Cayman from the UK so that BA don't have the monopoly. Your flights in and out of Kingston connected very nicely with Cayman Aiways flights for awhile
and I did that route a couple of times. An alternative would be London/TCI/Grand Cayman/TCI/London

The stench coming from BA's ethical marketeers makes them eminently and in most cases, easily avoidable when considering one's travel plans.

You are only delaying the inevitable closure. GET IT DONE NOW with good grace.

Another company who puts profits before animal welfare. I have never flown with BA and NEVER will. If everyone else were to do the same, then I'm sure BA would do something about it. People power is an amazing thing. I am sick to death of companies and organisations who don't give a dam about anything or anyone accept for their profits

*thumbs up*

I totally agree, please for the sake of just pure human kindness to these poor suffering creatures stop this abject cruelty now, God forgive us humans for what we are doing not only to these innocent creatures who have no voice, but also to each other,so so sad.

I shall be cancelling my Executive Club membership and making alternative travel arrangements in future. Goodbye B.A. and good riddance.

Well done! Now add to your facebook that all your friends cancel use of BA and associated airline Iberia - hit them in the pocket then shareholders will put pressure on BA and associated airlines to cancal the SeaWorld agreement!

i`ve let them know couple of days ago that i do`nt use BA in future not untill they give in to what we like :no more orca in captivity anymore.

Dear Cathy,


Well said, could not have put it better myself. BA and Virgin especially as part of Virgin have cut ties with SeaWorld in USA, seems bizarre Virgin UK wish to continue support, whether dolphin is from ocean or born in the tank, they are in CAPTIVITY at the end of the day, the crux of the issues, and both should be ashamed of their decision making. I for one will never reserve a seat with either airline when I return home to Australia, hopefully many more customers will take the same step.

Is not what we all wanted to hear, but should also on a positive level make us all and yourselves that more determined to petition harder and fight harder, after all "we the humans, are the Dolphins worst enemy I refer to Slaughters in Japan, yet best friend in trying to help as you are doing", Don't stop trying!!!!!

I personally am writing to all Travel Tour Operators I know Villa Companies having been in the Tourist Industry for over 28 years here in Mallorca with the aim and view to REACH OUT BRING AWARNESS to ask they show support on their blogs and websites for RESPONSIBLE TOURISM towards marine animals, get their reps their villa books, to ask clients consider taking a catamaran sail to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environment instead of jumping up and down in a CEMENT TANK.

Well done Kathleen and yourself for all efforts and dedication shown, you have lots of supporters behind you who are counting on you to not give up!!!

PS. BL**DY ANGRY is the least as explained, I don't think sufficient words can express the actions, non actions of BA as outlined in their letter, they are BRAIN WASHED by SeaWorld and that is not good business sense for their own business.

Jenny Douglas

BA .... Please listen to those with no commercial axe to grind and to all the well researched facts behind this appeal, on behalf of the dolphins at Sea World.

Perhaps we could start a move, that people wear badges and/or T-shirts as we travel through airports around the world to visually show our disaproval of BA's decision, it's much harder to ignore if it is under their noses, and then there is the embarrassment in front of their competitors. It could be worth a try.

Very good idea