Whale beer not fit for human consumption in Iceland

Icelandic media reported tonight that ‘whale beer’ has been banned - even before it hit the shelves - by the Public Health Authority of Vesturland, where the Steðjar brewery is located, as the whale meal used for the process fails food regulations.

"The conclusion is that all ingredients used for human consumption should comply with food legislation and originate from recognized suppliers. Hvalur Inc doesn't have a license to produce whale meal for human consumption; therefore we have to stop this." says Helgi Helgason, GM of the Public Health Autority of Vesturland. 

Brewery owner, Dagbhartur Arilíusson, conceded: "If this is the conclusion, we naturally have to abide by it".  Asked if the brewery shouldn't have checked whether it was permissible to use the whale meal for human consumption, he replied: "Whale meat is consumed at the midwinter feast and one can also buy it in the stores. We considered it to be an ingredient that we could use for our brewing."

 WDC is naturally delighted that this offensive and outrageous product has been stopped in its tracks.


GOOD Save our Whales!

About time too...all whale and dolphin meat should be banned world wide to stand anychance of cleaning up and restoring all we've destroyed,pilliged and plundered from this amazing planet.including our barbaric attitude towards all it's inhabitants. peace

its time for mankind to stop persecuting ALL cetacea in the world and hope at some point in the future they can find it in there hearts as a species to forgive mankind for the horrific treatment done to them to date


Now need to stop whale meat from being eaten at mid winter festival. Or any other festival or for any other reason.

AWESOME!!! Way to go WDC!! Should also thank Dagbhartur Arilíusson for coming to this realization without fighting to keep it and use it in his beer products.
What's next?? You know you have Global support!!! Keep the momentum going and we'll help you fight it!!

Why stop people eating what they have survived on for centuries? Maybe westerners should stop eating carrots and pototatoes.

If people followed your logic half the world would be full of cannibals... What a moronic thing to suggest. Anyway icland is western...

If people followed your logic half the world would be full of cannibals... What a moronic thing to suggest. Anyway icland is western...

didn't realize carrots and potatoes had bigger brains and intelligence than humans do. you lost all respect when you compared the two. Lets compare you to a turnip.. same thing right? (one could debate that actually) Didn't realize vegetables had a stronger sense of family, community and empathy than most humans do..

We use to rape and beat and kill people because of the colour of their skin.. for fun.. for centuries .. across the world.. people use to eat people.. way back in the day. lets just go back to old ways.. Good idea.

You need to read a book.

re Andy Hunter: The Grey Whales on the West coast of America used to be called Devil Fish as they fought back so hard against the whalers. Now they welcome human contact and come up to small boats for a scratch and to introduce their calves. A very humbling experience and giving the sense of forgiveness for what happened in the past. We can only hope that we can achieve that globally.

I am both relieved and delighted that this absurd and tragic concept has been denied by the authorities. What continues to horrify me is the depth and horror that people will drop to for money. Our planet is more precious than money. It sustains life, gives us life, diversity, humility and should teach us respect. Clearly this eludes many. I nevertheless again thank the relevant authorities for seeing through this, no matter the interpretation for the tragedy that it was!

Whale meat is delicious

What fucking right do you have to take wildlife from the world's oceans? You are all barbaric monsters to kill whales for any reason. Once they are gone it will be too late for replacing them. Leave the wildlife in our oceans because the rest of the normal society enjoys them. You on the other hand are pathetic and need to be controlled.