WDC is now a proud partner of the brand new video game ‘Iron Fish’, created by Dean Edwards and BeefJack. Iron Fish is a psychological thriller that takes place in a captivating oceanic environment. Players are immersed in a deep-sea adventure, rife with peril and mysteries.

Survival is the challenge and planning is the key as players come face to face with the most impressive marine creatures, brought to live as close to the real-live creatures as possible.

A portion of all sales of Iron Fish will go directly to WDC, supporting worldwide efforts to protect whales, dolphins and the oceans.

Creator, Dean Edwards, has a special affinity for marine biology, which is clear from the care taken with Iron Fish. Talking about the partnership with WDC he said; 'I am honoured to have this opportunity to support WDC and the extremely valuable work they do around the globe for our beloved marine mammals and oceans.'

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